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Songs of the highway

The long-awaited full-length album from Nashville Americana Singer-Songwriter Josh Gray .

Ten poetic songs of love, loss, justice and suspense. These are the Songs of the Highway.


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His fusion of folk and country music and his baritone voice call to mind Nashville great Johnny Cash. His ability to tell a story reminds us of Bob Dylan
— Montgomery Magazine
More than your typical singer/songwriter. He is a storyteller, is true to himself, and is a talented artist who cares so much about his art
— Savvage Media
His voice fits very perfectly for his storytelling style of singing and I have to say, I really dig what he is laying out there
— Redline Roots
this hauntingly beautiful protest anthem is bound to leave a mark on protest music history.
— Shouts Music Blog (referring to "Darkest Before the Dawn")



Josh Gray

by Josh Gray



Nashville-based Folk Singer-Songwriter Josh Gray possesses an inherent ability to tap into various styles to create a sound truly his own. He has been impacted by such legendary artists as Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Townes Van Zandt, and even Blind Willie McTell, to name a few.

The earthy sound and deep-seated folk roots of Josh's debut EP showcase his gift of bringing poignant lyrics to life. Josh’s goal on the album is to convey stories of love, mortality, and social justice. Josh explains his inclusive approach to music, “I've always seen folk music as a means of bringing people together around common life experiences.”

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 Josh Gray