August in America


This last month has been an intensely trying time for America. Let me start off by saying my heart goes out to all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey. They should get all of the federal assistance they need. At the same time I want to be clear, global warming does exist and we are seeing it's effects. Hurricane Harvey has been regarded as the biggest flood producing storm in history. These storms are becoming the new norm and we need to start thinking proactively. We should start building our cities in anticipation of potential natural threats. Don't tell me how you trust science to predict the eclipse and treat illness. But draw the line at the scientific consensus of global warming.

I also want to send my thoughts to the family of Heather Heyer. She died in Charlottesville on the right side of history and will not be forgotten. To those who choose hate over love I have the following message. We modern Americans will not be dragged back into the shameful past. Your hate marches are nothing but the death throes of antiquated ignorance. Being the loudest doesn't make you right and it doesn't make you powerful. We will fight with everything we have until your are driven into the darkness from whence you came. I urge all of you who care about your fellow citizens to speak up. Now is not the time to worry about stirring the pot. The world is watching!

One last thought, I see a lot of uninformed people decrying Antifa. The media likes to group things together for ratings, it is not an organized group. It's for this same reason they made up red and blue states. Antifa stands for anti-fascism, so anyone who stands against fascism is Antifa. Remember when Americans sailed across the Atlantic and defeated the Nazis? They were Antifa. That being said I believe in freedom of speech, but not freedom from consequence. You can march and chant that another group of people doesn't deserve to exist, but you might get punched in the face. Look back through history, it's what the greatest generation did.