Happy Holidays



The ebb and flow of time washes over us like stones upon the shore. Sometimes giving, always taking, unforgiving and relentless. It etches it’s mark upon our faces with crooked hands like cracks in soil. And through these cracks shine our joys and sorrows. Like beacons in the storm whispering, you are not alone.


Another year is quickly coming to a close, it's been an exciting one for me. I recently played a big show at the City Winery in Nashville with my friends Jason Erie and Holly Bruce. We packed the room and got some great video footage which I’ll be sharing with you around the end of December.

I traveled with the band over to Knoxville and played WDVX’s Blue Plate Special. We had a great time, check it out below.


I also recently recently made a guest appearance on a local podcast down here. If you want to listen to me run my mouth on a number of topics you can check it out here, it starts at the 6:51 mark.


I wanted to try something new that I’m going to call Story Behind the Song. I wrote “Heart Like an Ocean” about halfway through 2015. The goal was to write something poetic but it also became the most poppy song on the album. As with all of my songs there are pieces of my life sprinkled throughout it. There’s a fine line between writing something beautiful and poetic and coming off as just attempting to sound intelligent. I’d like to think I achieved some poetry in this one and after two years I still like it. I’m sure there are parts I could rewrite today but when I decide a song is done I truly never look back. I played it a while ago in Baltimore and afterward a guy came up to me. He thanked me and said “I really needed to hear that today.” That really sums it up folks, moments like that are the reason I write these songs.





Her eyes are the light that shines

between the blinds and warms the room

to wake you soft from slumber

on a Sunday afternoon


Her arms hang at her sides

like the boughs of a willow tree

'til they raise outstretched to say

babe come on home to me


Her heart's like an ocean

Too vast to swim

but it's better to die tryin'

than regret not jumpin' in


Her smile's a wildflower

watch out boys she'll take your breath away

expect nothing less from the girl

with a name like a holiday


Her long legs carry her graceful

through the crowd as a summer breeze

two feet above the ground

so careless and free


Her heart's like an ocean

Too vast to swim

but it's better to die tryin'

than regret not jumpin' in


Thanks so much for reading, listening and your support! Oh and one more thing, I’m doing a special Holiday sale just for you my readers! From now until the end of the year when you buy anything from my store enter the code HOLIDAY17 for $5 off. Happy Holidays, I'm wishing health and happiness for you and your family.