Josh Gray and The Dark Features at The Country Nashville

Josh Gray and The Dark Features at The Country Nashville


Books of poetry, Greek myths, psychology and investment strategy lay strewn across the table. I sit here with my coffee and a plate of peach cobbler. In the kitchen are home-made biscuits a good friend dropped off. All of the Southern food stereotypes are true. If I don’t cut myself off they’ll soon be calling me the Pavarotti of folk music.

It’s two o’clock on Sunday and I’m feeling the need to be hyper productive. I was sick yesterday and had to miss friend’s Halloween festivities. Instead I watched the director’s cut of Das Boot and contemplated the inhumanity and futility of war.

I’ve had some great shows lately, most recently with my friends Jason Erie and Holly Bruce at the City Winery. We packed the room with nearly a hundred people. This Wednesday 11/1 at 12pm EST I’m excited to be playing WDVX’s Blue Plate Special in Knoxville, TN. I’ll be out there with the band (Julio Matos, Dayna Rose and Alex Ricchiuto) playing thirty minutes of live music along with a short interview. If you’d like to tune in Live you can click here.


On 11/8 I’ll be back with the band in East Nashville at the American Legion Post 82. Then on 11/18 I’ll be playing a solo show with Jason Erie up in Madisonville, KY at the Center Street Bar and Grill.


I’ve been finding lately the more I play music the more I want to seclude myself and recharge. I’d love to take the time to go out to a remote cabin and remove myself from technology for a while. We spend our days absorbing and interacting but only truly process everything when we are alone.


I recently finished a new song called “All Out War” and wanted to share a verse with you.


This old guitar

Carries the scars

Of a thousand bar room nights

My fingers they trace

The lines on her face

As she sings ‘neath the fluorescent lights

I cradle each word

Like a newborn bird

Fallen from the nest

I was too blind to see

You had to be free

Or else be laid to rest


I have some exciting things coming up and new videos soon. Thank you for your support, take care of yourself and stay warm.