Some Questions

What do you say to a citizen who values the ability to own high powered military guns over the lives of their fellow Americans?


What do you say to the media who is quick to point out record breaking loss of life but too cowardly to call a white man a domestic terrorist?


What do you say to those whose solution to the 338th mass shooting in the U.S. this year is to just pray?


What do you do in a country that demands blind patriotism but denies equality?


What do you say when natural disaster strikes and your president plays favoritism as lives are lost?


How do you explain to some that a flag is a symbol and what truly has value is the people it represents?


What do you do when Nazis roam your streets emboldened by the words of your president?


Where do you turn when your president’s pride puts your country on the brink of a world war? 

Josh GrayComment