Nashville Updates


As I sit here in Eighth & Roast sipping an iced coffee a beautiful day is unfolding. It's seventy degrees here in Nashville with a light breeze. Fall is quickly becoming my favorite time of year here. I took the above picture this morning atop Love Circle Hill. As I was driving up the incline Woody Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land" started playing over Spotify. While I am enjoying this weather I can't help but think of those weathering the storm. My heart goes out to everyone in those areas being hit, stay safe!

I've been playing a number of writer's rounds and shows around town. If you've never heard of a writer's round I'll explain, as it seems to be a uniquely Nashville thing. There are so many musicians in this city that when you play an open mic you're typically limited to one song. The writer's round is something in between an open mic and a show. You get three or four original songs and you share the stage with two or three other songwriters. Since all performers are on stage at the same time the audience gets to hear everyone. The first songwriter plays a song and then the next and on down the line until it loops back. It's a great way for songwriters to network and try out songs when they may not want to play a full show.

I played my first full show in Nashville on September 30th at Cafe Coco with John Franco and my friend Cooper Baker. The show went really well and was hosted by our friend Cody Bottoms. Cody not only runs some of the best sound in the city but also hosts the open mic on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Cafe Coco. I'm not exaggerating when I say this open mic is easily the best in Nashville. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you've never been you need to come here! Sign up starts at 7pm but you'll want to make sure you get there by 6:30pm to make sure you get a spot. There are no hoops to jump through, no phone calls to secret numbers, no sitting through four hours of openers, no host writing his friends into the early slots, just a pen and a piece of paper.

I've been working on writing new songs and I have a few that I'm really excited about. One of them is a duet and it's coming along really well. Another is a song about songwriting and the struggle that comes with it, I covered that a little in my post on success. I've been focused on writing but I'm also working on developing a really interesting and engaging live show. Which is why I'm in the process of putting a band together.  I've been meeting with great local musicians and I hope to be playing shows with them as soon as November. My sound is evolving, I'm challenging myself and using my voice more. It will still be Folk/Americana music but definitely a bigger sound. 

I have another really cool development but it's a bit too early to announce. Sign up to my email list and you'll be the first to hear about it! Also for a limited time when you sign up I'm offering a free song download from my debut EP so check it out!

I also wanted to share with you this Spotify playlist I put together. If you're a fan of old folk, country and blues music I think you'll enjoy it. It will also give you an insight into a lot of the music that influences me. Make sure to follow the playlist on Spotify as I'm adding new songs to it all the time!

I really want to thank everyone who has supported me and liked my music page on Facebook. We recently hit 400 likes which is insane to me! I really hope to see you at one of the shows listed above so I can thank you in person. Come say hi and grab a CD or free sticker! Thanks as always for reading, we'll talk again soon!