Josh Gray Artist Bio


I don't believe those who say music can't effect change in the world.” Josh Gray


If Nashville-based singer-songwriter Josh Gray were packing a suitcase for a lifelong journey through genres, he’d need only a pen, paper, and his favorite Martin D28 guitar.

As if he were a time traveler, Josh jumps back and forth through the decades drawing inspiration from a vast array of musical influences. Josh has studied musical legends spanning the last one hundred years of American music. With his diverse blend of folk, bluegrass, and country, Josh Gray’s music bridges both generations and genres.


Josh possesses an inherent ability to tap into various styles to create a sound truly his own. He has been impacted by such legendary artists as Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Townes Van Zandt, and even Blind Willie McTell, to name a few. Josh’s favorite guitar is not simply his go-to instrument, but a tool used to convey his adept storytelling. Creating characters, soundscapes, and storylines has been part of Josh’s talent since childhood. Josh elaborates, “At an early age I had an affinity for writing. Long before I picked up a guitar, I was writing lyrics and poetry.”

It was by age sixteen that he had his first guitar in hand and began to teach himself to play. Josh adds, “I made the conscious decision not to learn other musicians’ songs, so I wouldn’t subconsciously pick up their style.” Over the years, Josh has avoided boundaries in his songwriting. He permits his art and illumination to flow unbridled down their path. His mantra is simply, “There are no rules.”

By utilizing his creative confluence of bluegrass, folk, and country, Josh’s music takes the listener on an adventure. These songwriting traits are obvious in his debut EP Josh Gray, released in 2015. The album, with its earthy sound and deep-seated folk roots, showcases Josh’s gift of bringing poignant lyrics to life. Josh’s goal on the album is to convey stories of love, mortality, and social justice. Josh explains his inclusive approach to music, “I've always seen folk music as a means of bringing people together around common life experiences.”

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Josh Gray steps away from the beaten path, on his timeless trek through the folk tradition. The tracks he leaves behind are cues, urging his listeners to join him on the road less traveled. Listen as you walk and take joy in the subtle wonderment that surrounds you. With verve and vision, Josh bridges both generations and genres into a sound that is uniquely his own.